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A conveyable, demountable or transportable building is a building designed and built to be movable rather than completely located. The most familiar modern form of lightweight structures are designed so that one can be transported to or from site on a huge lorry and slung on and off by a crane. Lightweight modular buildings have various uses. They are often seen, alone or in groups, as momentary site offices about how to build sites. Other uses for these and other types of lightweight structures are as guard cabin, cottage, vacation cabin, rural offices, site office, Portable gym. These building systems are assembled with modern latest technologies.

Technical Specification :-

1. Wall Panel- Walls shall be made up of Sandwich panels of 0.45mm thick Pre painted galvanized sheet on both side of PUF. The total thickness of panel will be 50 mm. Density will be 40 i 2 kg/ m3.
2. Roof- The Corrugated roof cladding shall be done with PPGI Sheet of thickness 0.45mm on both sides of PUF. The total thickness of panel will be 30/70 mm .Density will be 40 i 2 kg/ m3
3. Door:- Doors made up of PUF Panel of size 6‘5“‘x2‘5” with all accessories.
4. Window:- Single Glazed Aluminum sliding window size 2’5”x2’5” with 4.0mm ordinary glass with all accessories.
5. Accessories:- All accessories like U-flashing, L-flashing are made up of PPGI sheet of thickne 0.45 mm


WALL & ROOF: will be provided by 75mm thick panel (insulated panel made out of 0.50mm GI sheet on both sides with insulation of thermo Cole of 75mm thick.)

PAINT: - Providing texture coat paint on external wall & internal surface, roof will be painted with terracotta paint.Colour combination as per client choice.

DOOR & WINDOW:- Fixing of M.S. MAIN door frame & flush door shutters 35mm thick with CP fitting of size 7’x3’. .Aluminum sliding frame Window of size 3’X3. with 4mm glass panes in the cabin.

FLOORING:- Modular floor made out of MS pipe sections resting mounting witI 12mm BWP marine grade ply. PV 1.5n1n1 on floor.

Educational Infrastructure

  • NBPS's schoolrooms are in use in various parts of Delhi NCR.
  • NBPS's design of prefabricated schoolroom is such that either single schoolrooms or a complete school can be erected in the remotest corner of the world/India.
  • Quick installation is one of the most attractive feature.
  • Optionally, construction blocks are also available to give a total solution


  • Useful for millions of underprivileged working couple in rural, semi-urban and urban areas leave behind their children at Anganwadies.
  • Can be installed quickly & cost effectively.

Kitchen For MidDay Meal

  • Cost effective
  • Fast construction
  • Consistent Quality
  • Fire proof material
  • Re-locatable

Expansion of Infrastructure

  • Extension of stalls / rooms


  • At Niko PreFab Building Systems we serve the nation by serving the defense authorities.
  • Uses : Army school/Living shelter/office/Mess/Toilet Blocks, the dependability of our product structure is unquestionable.

BTS Shelters

  • NIko PreFab Building Systems offer tailored solutions for the tele communication company Industry.NPBS’s shelter are extremely energy sufficient,well deteriorating and durable.
  • Built with leak proof ceilings and thermally insulated walls made from high grade GI sheet and thermocol.

PreFab Homes

  • Niko PreFab Building Systems offer several models of pleasing and contemporary houses design such as one and two bedroom living room,kitchen and attached toilets.
  • NPBS’s houses are modular in design and affordable in price.
  • Their elements and parts are made in the form of a kit at a centralized plant for transportation to centralized plant for transportation to the required site and erection there within hours or days for a comfortable living of the residents.
  • NPBS’s Prefabricted houses are a combination of a variety of walling elements to deliver safe, secure and durable dwelling units.

Servant Roof Tops

  • Ideal space can be use to retain the servants
  • The Ideal space can be use for storing of miscellaneous household items/appliances.

Labour Camps

  • As a result of infrastructure in India large scale projects such as highway, Airport Infrastructure,Metro Rails , Bridges, Dams, Residential Township, SEZ’s and many more are underway at a breakneck speed.
  • These project due to its Immense sizes call for huge Labour Management on site and providing them with accommodation is one of the most tedious task for the site managers.
  • NPBS’s site labour camps provode a project solution to this problem. Every Labour Camp unit has modular construction which support double stories. Right kind of material mix makes it an ideal dwelling place.

Site Office

  • NPBS’s site office can be erected wherever needed and with whatever facilities required.
  • NPBS’s prefabricated site complexes are fully furnished,complete with electrical fitting and can be air conditioned as well if required.
  • NPBS’s are a quick,cost effective and easy way to erect a systematic workplace.
  • They can be dismantled very quickly and then carried elsewhere.


Executive Office, Field Office, Testing lab, Temporary Documentation and Observation Office, Store Room, Secuirty Cabin, Power Rooms etc.

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